And that was just the warm up!

Hello Music Friends,

Today I found myself back at the YMCA in Charlotte, NC. I went there with the intentions of soaking in the hot tub ( without doing an actual work out) but to my dismay the hot tub was closed for maintainance. I knew that physical fitness was important to the body and that being in shape would help in coping with the irregular schedules of my day job and gigging. With that being said, I meandered into the step aerobics class. What a shock I experienced. The modernized step routine is quite different to the step routine of yester-year. When they went left, I went right. When they went right I went left. I flailed around wildly with no coordination. I was exhausted just from trying to keep up with the new moves. It was such an awful sight that I had to laugh at myself. Ten minutes laters the fitness instructor shouted "Ok lets being our routine". WHHHHHAAatttt?????!!!!!!!!! I should've stuck to the spin class!


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