C'est Magnifique-BP Renegades French Tour 09

Hello Music Friends,

I had the pleasure of witnessing a standing ovation and triple encore afforded to Trinidad based steel orchestra BP Renegades after they delighted concert goers in the French city of Angouleme. The Renegades repertoire consisted of Baroque pieces by Schubert and Bach as well as reggae songs by Bob Marley,(The crowd sang the chorus of " No Woman no Cry" as the musicians played) timeless Kitchener calypsos and "Groovey Soca" hits by Destra and Krosfyah amongst others. Row G seat 3 gave me an upclose and personal view of the band. I was so proud of the bands performance and the hospitable reception they got from the French audience. That night was a proud moment for Trinidad and for the steel band art form.


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