How is it made? - Steel Drum

Hello Music Friends,

Why is it that so many people think that all steel drums sound the same? Unfortunately, there are tons of awful sounding/looking instruments being used in public performances. Somehow the audiences have come to accept that these imperfections are normal for the steel drum.
The tone of a steel drum can be traced back to its building process. The video below shows some of the most modern, updated steel drum building techniques.(The video was produced by the Discovery Channel).

I'm glad that many steel drum craftsmen are starting to embrace and apply scientific and mathematical principles to improve the quality of their instruments. I also hope that many steel drum musicians will replace flawed instruments (which are quite prevalent in the Carribean, United State and worldwide) and start using ones of higher quality-Especially when they are performing in public.
Lets have some pride and make sure that our instruments are up to par. We are representing an artform.


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