"Man Cannot Live on Steel Drums Alone"

Its summer! and the barometer has made sure that we know it! The country has been gripped by a heatwave and I hope that you are doing whatever you can to stay hydrated and comfortable.

Thus far, I've been writing from my point of view. I wanted to change things up a bit and introduce you to some of the people who have helped make my musical journey a success-the people who I've played for and who have allowed me to be a part of their extended families.

In this months issue I've invited some of my past brides/new friends to share their favorite drink/food recipes.

While its important to be musically proficient and to provide top notch customer service, I must say that the connections and friendships formed have left an indelible mark on my heart.
Furthermore," Man cannot live on steel drums alone."

Jalepeno Poppers
Submitted by Melissa Bard- Sylvester, GA.

2 LBS fresh jalepeno peppers 4 pkgs softened cream cheese
2 LBS thin slided bacon 1 sm jar/bag real bacon bits
1 pkt of onion soup mix ( dry ) garlic salt to taste
1 pair of plastic/rubber gloves ( jalepenos burn ! )
Preheat oven to 350°
Put gloves on, wash and dry peppers. Cut them in half lengthwise. Use a tablespoon to carefully remove seeds. You need to soft fry the bacon to wrap around the poppers later. Do not overcook the bacon. Blanch the peppers for about 3 minutes after it boils. Drain. Mix the softened cream cheese, bacon bits, and dry onion soup mix and garlic. Spoon in the mixture into each half pepper and wrap a pice of bacon around. Place them on a cookie sheet and bake for 10-15 minutes. DO NOT OVER BAKE OR BURN!
Yields about 20-30 servings. Of course, just half the recipe for smaller portions.

Mini Lump Crab and Avocado Bruschetta
Submitted by Anna-Christina Dais-Edgewater, NJ.

10oz-1lb lump crab meat (depends on how much crab you want to pile on)
small bunch of mint, minced
lime, enough to drizzle over crab
1 avocado for every 8-10 pieces of bruschetta (depends on size of bread)
cayenne pepper, to taste
salt, to taste
Any type of bread you prefer for bruschetta, cut into bite sized pieces and bake in oven with a little oil or butter until warm/golden in color. Bagel bites work well too!
parsley (optional for decorative purposes)

In one bowl mix the lump crab meat, mint and lime juice.
In another bowl, mix the avocado, cayenne pepper, S&P (all to taste. I like my guacamole spicy so I add more cayenne pepper and even garlic since I LOVE GARLIC.)
Assemble the avocado/guacamole mixture over the bread, then pile the crab meat on top.
Decorate with a piece of parsley on top and you're done!
Easy, simple yet fancy looking apps for when you have loved ones over. Enjoy!

Key Lime Martini
Submitted by Natasha Adams Denny-Charlotte, NC.

Mix 1 1/2 oz Malibu Rum, 1/2oz Midori, 1oz pineapple jucice, 1/2 oz simple syrup (hot water and sugar), 1/2 oz lime juice, and a splash of cream. It is delicious!!

Carolina Sangria
Submitted by Tricia Mondok Congers-Wilmington, NC.

With Peaches in Season right now I love this recipe!

1 bottle Pinot Grigio Chilled
3/4 cup Peach Vodka
6 tablespoons thawed frozen lemonade concentrate
2 tablespoons sugar
1 lb Ripe Carolina Sweet Peaches Sliced and peeled
1 Cup Grapes or Raspberries (optional)
2 cups club soda (can use flavored lemon, lime or peach)
Combine first 4 ingredients
Stir in fruit Cover and Chill 5-8 hours
Add soda just before serving.

Pura Vida Rita-The Best Margarita by way of Costa-Rica

Submitted Michelle Pou-Lowery-Wellington, FL.

Make sure you have a large cocktail mixer, oranges, limes,Tequila, Triple Sec and Agave Syrup (essential).

Juice 1 orange and 1 lime, add to your mixer.
Add 2 shots of tequila to the mixer and a splash of Triple Sec.
Add a tsp. of Agave.
Salt the rims of two glasses, shake the mixer and pour.
Pura Vida!

Thank You to the chefs and flair bartenders for their contributions. Please have another event soon, make those recipes that you described and have me over to play and taste test em!

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