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Jan 5, 09

I'm currently in San Francisco, California. I flew here and then drove to South Lake Tahoe- to play steel drums at a wedding. Lake Tahoe is a beautiful winter wonderland made up of stunning vistas, Snow capped mountain summits and healthy fresh air. It was an honor for me to be invited to share my music. I will post some pics in the "Photo" section and I'm also working on a video of the trip. I've taken a liking to making home movies and you are more than welcomed to view them on the " Video" page.

The highlight of this trip was meeting three wonderful people. The first was a homeless gentleman named Dan. Like everyone else Dan is a sensational human being -a  very kind hearted, good natured person. Dan actually took photos and filmed video clips for me. He has quite an artistic eye. He would say " Move to the left....put your hand in your pocket and hold up the sticks"....he knew what he was doing.  Don't ever discount a person because of their circumstances.

The other two people were an older couple with whom I shared seats with. They were kind enough o offer me their sandwhiches. The gentleman tapped me lightly and said  "you've been sleeping a while and have not eaten....take this". That really warmed my heart. Our conversations really made the flight enjoyable.

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