Random Thought: American Airlines to Trinidad

Hello Music Friends,

This past weekend found me in Dallas/Ft Worth Airport-The hub airport of the mighty Americn Airlines. As I walked around the airport I remembered my numerous travels to my homeland of Trinidad aboard American Airlines. I traveled JFK to POS and stopped in Barbados. I had often made those trips during the summers of my adolescent years. I always marveled at flight and for a period of time wanted to become a pilot. When airborned, my eyes had always peered out the windows at the clouds and the blue sea below.

I looked at the different body styles of the parked aircraft, and I remembered that I flew on a DC-10, a tri-engined widebody designated for the JFK-POS route. My visits to Trinidad were pleasant ones and the men and women of American Airlines provided the means to have gotten there. 15 years later American Airlines had taken me to Oklahoma City, where I had created new memories with my lovely daughter.


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