The Beauty of Knowledge

Hello Music Friends,

"Knowledge Is Power ". There is so much truth in that statement. That familiar adadge came to mind when I delivered a steel drum lecture/performance to the library patrons of Millen and Sylvania, Georgia. Those two rural towns are situated in an agricultural area where the indigenous music is Country and Bluegrass - quite different from the origins of Caribbean based steel drum. Nonetheless, the attendees took an interest and a liking to the history and the sound of the instrument. Their experiences with the steel drum ranged from first timers, to having seen it on TV, to cruise ship vacationers. Although they were geographically separated from the palm trees and sands of the caribbean, their minds traveled with me to the pan yards of Trinidad, and onwards to other parts of the world in where the steel drum is played and loved. It was a great afternoon that allowed me to introduce a lovely art form. Yes, "Knowledge is Power " indeed.

I'd like to thank the Georgia State Council for the Arts for including me in the Grassroots Arts Program.


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