The Chemistry of a Smile

Hello Music Friends

I am making full recomendation to use the photography services of Dallas Galbreath. otherwise known as DG Photography.

I recently did a shoot with Mrs. Galbreath on the South Carolina coast and was impressed by her competence, skill and friendly nature.

I've found that creative minded people "Right Brainers" display their work based on their feelings. If the artisan is energetic and in a good mood you will experience that in their output ( whether its a painting, a musical composition, a poem etc).

Such was the case of Mrs Galbreath. Her good mood and energy translated into a fun filled photo session. She really had a command of her discipline - She knew photography and kicked into "photo mode" automatically. As a result of her enthusiasm, I kicked into " Model mode" automatically! She used multiple cameras and took shots from all sorts of angles. I felt as though I were a professional model on a runway as she snapped away in rapid succession.

The final results were simply amazing. She cretaed a choice of photos to be used for all sorts of applications.

Dallas, thank you for you time and efforts and I look forward to working with you


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