The King and I

Hello Music Friends,

First off I wanted to thank all of you for participating in last month's song selection survey. The results are posted below and you will see that songs by The King of Pop and The King of Rock were highly favored.

After you glance at the results, continue reading below to find out which King made the cut and what happens next.

Q- What song shall I play for the audition panel? It has to be a 90 second accapella rendition.

That's What Friends Are For-Dionne Warwick and Friends - 8.3%

Summertime-George Gershwin - 16.7%

Human Nature-Michael Jackson - 29.2%

I Can't Help Falling In Love With You-Elvis Presley 25.0%

Greatest Love of All- Whitney Houston 16.7%

Hero-Mariah Carey- 16.7%


My day started very early as I had a four hour drive from Charlotte, NC to Atlanta, GA to make an 8am casting call.
I must say the entire experience was great. I tried to be cool and calm as possible, because I had a feeling that I might make it, but I didn't want to be too disappointed if I didn't.

The atmosphere of the place was quite lively. There was a gamut of talent that ranged from Dance Crews, Musicians, Michael Jackson impersonators complete with white socks, sparkling glove and fedora hats, Little Richard look -a -likes and even a lady and puppy who wore matching outfits. Several acts had previously tried out and were giving it another shot. I especially enjoyed listening to the adventures of those who auditioned for American Idol. From their stories, I gathered that they are a small part of a large circuit of people that audition for numerous shows. Their determination was somewhat inspiring. No matter what their talent was, they were steadfast in their pursuits.


I must say that I was pleased with my performance and how well the instrument sounded. It seems like I connected with the staff and the judges because one of the coordinators left his post to specifically listen to me play. That was a good sign. He mentioned that he had not seen any steel drum acts this season. As I introduced myself to the judges I had mentioned that I was born in Trinidad and Tobago. One of the judges' eyes lit up and he said that he was considering Trinidad as a vacation spot. He knew that Trinidad was full of beautiful women, and I assured him that his notion was correct.

I decided to play Elvis Presley's version of "Can't Help Falling in Love". I felt that the melody of that song was quite familiar and that it would be easily recognized. One of the challenges of playing instrumental music is that it must be performed in a way that it mimics a vocalist. The melody of "Cant Help Falling in Love" was very strong and could be successfully played acapella. In the event that I progress forward, I will more than likely play a Michael Jackson song. His music is recognized world wide, and I will have the luxury of having background music or perhaps a live band accompanying me; The full sound of the band combined with the steel drum will help the audience know exactly what song I'm playing.

The Next Step...

The next step if you are chosen, is that you will then audition in front of the celebrity judges - Usually Piers, Sharon and Howie. (That is when you will see the clips on TV of contestants being told that they are going to Hollywood.BTW I also saw Nick Canon on site) Exciting stuff for sure!

At the end of our auditions, the producers told us that successful acts will receive invitations via telephone. I've found myself checking my phone more often than usual for a "missed call" or voicemail message. I guess its true what they say in Hollywood...." Don't call us we will call you"


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