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Hello Music Friends,

It looks like I'll be heading to New Orleans this Holiday Season. I'm really excited because I will be joining my aunts and cousins there. They are a lively group and I know we will have a blast. I once visited New Orleans back in my military days. Although it was a brief trip, I remember walking on the famed Bourbon St. in search of some serious, down home dirty blues. I am a big fan of blues music and I plan to continue my search; essentially "pick up" where I left off.

Before I embark on my journey I wanted to offer you an opportunity to receive my Steel Drum Holiday greeting email/mp-3 combo. I've made this offer to my friends on the other social networks and I didn't want to leave you out. By clicking on the link below, you can sign up on my email list and I will be sure send the e-blast to you.

Keep Well,

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