Your Music takes me to.............

Good Day Music Friends,

I had a very warm conversation with a gentleman at a recent gig in Knightdale NC. He immediately took a liking to the steel drums and came out onto the patio and listend to my music. He mentioned that he loved Merengue, salsa, and bachata and reggae. He said " Steel Drums take me to a place where I'd rather be" I assured him that I would've played all of those styles for his listening pleasure. After further conversation, it became apparent to me as to why he loved the latin styles of music- His wife and son, both of latin origin, had been stuck abroad for the past year due to pending immigration proceedings. I realized that the music transported him to joyous moments he had shared with his wife and son. I glady accepted his invitation to play at his family homecoming party! Keep your Faith and chin up my friend.


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