Drivin in Nashville


I returned to Nashville in the rain. Nonetheless the place was still hopping with activity. people were coming and going...pus it was St Patrick's day weekend. The music scene was as upbeat as always. I'd like to visit when the weather is better and i can walk around and enjoy the place. There is so much to do there. The one place that I really wanted to go to was closed!( B.B. King's blues bar) I would've braved the rain for that. Oh well, next time. I saw the Titans stadium.....alongside the river. I like visiting new cities. many lovely buildings and historical sites in BNA. such as Fisk University, Vanderbilt, Middle Tennesse State etc.

I came across a Lifeway Christian bookstore that reminded me that I drove by that exact spot 10 years ago.

While in White Castle ( my fav spot since my NJ days) I made the acquaintance of Mr James Grace. J and I shared a burger and some good conversation. J told me that he managed a band that fired Jimmy Hendrix, before he became famous. Turned out that the band was into RnB and the soul sound, whereas Jimmy was too busy creating his signature psychedelic sound!!! Too amazing. The unknown people are the real treasure chests of history. If the purpose of my trip was to feed and provide shelter to Mr Grace, then my rip was well worth it.


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