First gig at the Charlotte NC Epicentre

I played at the Epicenter in downtown Charlotte today. It was my first time visiting it let alone playing steel drums there. i was hired by a bar called Whisky River....www.whiskyrivercharlotte. Its owned by NASCAR drive Dale Earhnhardt Jr. Definitely a County/ Rock n Roll venue. I initially wondered what songs to play. I don't have anysongs of the above mentione genres in my repertoire. However, their theme was "Spring Fever" and they wanted Tropic Rock, beach, Soca Caribbean etc. Wheeeew...that I have....well a lil bit. I don't know or practice the majority of songs that you would expect to hear on a steel drum. There are so many people who play the same songs and do a great job of it that I don't really think anyone would mind if i didn't play " Yellowbird" or " Jump In The Line".

Nonetheless, playing on the patio of the venue was great becuase of the nice weather and the chance to interact with people as they strolled by. Not a bad way to spend a friday.

Minsky Delmonte

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