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"King For A Day"
On February 21 2012, the steel drum art form was at its pinnacle of adoration and acceptance by the people of Trinidad and Tobago. On that warm Saturday night the biggest steel band festival which is known as "Panorama" (in Trinidad the steel drum is more commonly known as Pan or steel pan) took place. The 12  rivaling bands competed  for a cash prize and the title of Panorama Champs 2012. The event had all  of the color and spectacle that Trinidad Carnival had to offer. 
 What I find most interesting about  the whole story is that, YES -The twin island nation is the land which gave birth to this lovely instrument.  YES - Its the land that can rightfully deem themselves inventors of the only acoustic instrument of the 20th century. YES- its the land that has produced a musical instrument that has received accolades the world over by gracing the stages of legendary concert halls and executing the most difficult pieces of music from Classical to Calypso. YES- its the land whose instrument has become a part of University curriculums, and  countless community programs. YES- its the land that has lent the world a tool that has united players of varying skill levels and of different socio- economic/ethnic backgrounds. YES- its  the land who has given music a gift that makes people smile, dance, wave their hands and experience feelings of joy. YES- its land that despite all of the wonderful descriptions that  I've listed, nonetheless, treats the steel drum as a SECOND CLASS CITIZEN.

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